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Dedicated to helping our patients achieve the best possible outcomes and get back to the lives they love as quickly and safely as possible, our doctors and staff at Skagit Northwest Orthopedics utilize the SwiftPath Program, the safest and most comprehensive solutions program for outpatient and enhanced joint replacement surgery. 

What’s involved in SwiftPath?
SwiftPath integrates and coordinates patient education, minimally invasive procedures, modern pain management, and family involvement to improve rehabilitation, decrease the need for hospitalization, reduce postsurgical pain and risk of bleeding, and enhance postsurgical recovery. 

Through JointCamps, SwiftPath’s comprehensive workshops for patient engagement, patients are empowered to make informed care decisions and go into recovery with the knowledge and support they need to have the best possible outcome. 

Patient Guides
All patients receive a patient guide detailing standardized protocols to use during the JointCamp presentation and throughout the care process. The patient guide helps patients decide if a hip or knee replacement is right for them, identify potential areas of risk to the health of their new joint, and learn about their role as a patient. 

Patient-Reported Outcomes
SwiftPath also uses a cloud-based platform that allows the patient to document their experience, which their provider accesses to monitor progress. If progress is not as expected, the platform allows the provider to intervene more quickly to avoid further complications, and the reported experiences help future patients and advance outcome-based practices for providers. 

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